What We Do

Welcome to our lab website. Our lab studies the impact of early life stress on aggression, with a particular emphasis on the underlying neural mechanisms. It is well known that early life stress is predictive of aggressive behavior in adulthood. However, the exact mechanisms that link stress and aggression are not fully understood.

We aim to explore these mechanisms by interrogating the neurocircuitry of stress-induced chronic aggression directly using a range of advanced biological tools and techniques that include animal behavior, viral tools, electrophysiology, chemo- and optogenetics, fiber photometry, and pharmacology. Through our research, we hope to uncover the complex interactions between stress and aggression at the neural level that will lead to the identification of new therapeutic targets for intervention. We are committed to making significant contributions to the field of stress and aggression research, and to fostering a better understanding of the underlying neural mechanisms that govern these complex behaviors.

Our team is made up of experienced researchers with diverse backgrounds and expertise, all of whom share a passion for uncovering the mysteries of stress on maladaptive social behavior. We are excited to share our findings with the broader scientific community, and to engage in collaborative research efforts that advance our understanding of this important topic. Thank you for visiting our website, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.


Jacob C. Nordman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Department of Physiology

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

1135 Lincoln Dr.
Life Sciences, Rm 2071, MC 6512
Carbondale, IL 62903


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