Early life stress in chronic aggression

In this project, we study how social isolation and acute traumatic stress during adolescence induce plasticity changes to limbic circuits that leads to maladaptive chronic aggression in the adult.

Structural Plasticity Changes in Early Life Stress

In this project, we are examining the impact of early life stress on structural changes within amygdala pathways using the mGRASP technique.

The role of glutamate in experience-dependent aggression

For this project, we examine the distinct role of glutamate receptors in shaping aggression circuitry underlying excessive aggression.

Context in complex social behavior

For this project, we aim to characterize the neurocircuits responsible for identifying and interpreting social contexts, and how this process influences social interactions. We are also interested in how stress interferes with this process.

Dorsal raphe pathways in aggression escalation

In this project we study how stress disrupts signaling within a glutamatergic dorsal raphe circuit to drive aggression escalation.


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